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Robert Francis Howard (Buzzy)

May 17, 1939, to May 26, 2022

Robert F. Howard (Buzzy) was born to Sadie M. Howard and Cyril C. Howard, Sr. on May 17, 1939, in Pine Point, Minnesota. Buzzy Howard passed to the Spirit World on May 26, 2022, at Joshua Howard, his grandson’s home in Ramsey, Minnesota. Buzzy had six siblings who are the following: Donna M. Howard Jerome, Gertrude Howard Buckanaga, Cyril C. Howard, Jr., Theresa Howard Yahr, John T. Howard, and Anita J. Howard. Sadie and Cyril Howard stressed education and Indian Culture to their children. Their children practiced the American Indian culture, excelled in education, and made contributions to the American Indian community.

Buzzy grew up in the Pine Point Indian community. He attended the Pine Point School until 1946. On May 25, 1946, Buzzy’s mother passed to spirit world. Due to this sorrowful event, in August of 1946, Buzzy, Donna, Gertrude, Theresa, and Cyril Jr. were sent to the Pipestone Indian Boarding School in Pipestone, Minnesota. The two youngest siblings, John and Anita stayed with their Uncle Ole and Gail Boswell until Ole and Gail moved to Chicago, Illinois. John and Anita went to live with their grandma Sophia Howard Boswell until John and Anita were old enough to join Buzzy and Theresa at the Wahpeton Indian Boarding School. Keeping siblings together was extremely hard on the family.

In 1954, Cyril C. Howard, Sr. married Christine Johnson from the LaCouderay Reservation in Wisconsin. Christine never had any children and was so happy that she was going to be a mother. In 1954, Buzzy, Theresa, John, and Anita moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to live with their father and his wife. The children attended school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cyril and Christine had their difficulties with Buzzy and his siblings because the siblings grew up to be independent by being raised without parents in the boarding schools.

Buzzy joined the army in 1956 and was trained to drive a tank in the army. During this time Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States was training men to support the Viet Nam War. Buzzy was honorably discharged from the Army.

Buzzy went to post-secondary education and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. After Buzzy receive his BA, he worked for different tribes in the United States of America. Buzzy was deeply knowledgeable about Indian land and specialized in the field of Indian land. Buzzy had a para legal degree. Buzzy studied Indian History, land, and the rules and laws that affect Indian land. Buzzy worked for the BIA, and different Tribal Nations in the United States. He helped Tribal Nations get their land placed into trust. Buzzy knew the history of how Indian land was removed from the tribes in the United States.

Buzzy married Imogene Thunder and they had one daughter named Eve Elizabeth Howard, and one son who passed to the spirit world at birth named Baptiste Cyril Howard. Buzzy has another son named Robert B. Howard. Buzzy and Imogene’s daughter Eve Elizabeth Howard had the following children: Joshua Howard, DOB: 10/2/1990; Amber Shaugabay, DOB: 4/25/1993; Mathew Shaugabay, DOB; 10/6/1994; Isabelle Gamache, DOB: 1/28/1998; Kyleigh Gavin, DOB: 8/22/2002; and Angel Rabideau, DOB: 9/3/2009: Two great grandchildren: Owen Howard, DOB: 9/15/2020; Isaac James, Robert Smith, DOB: 3/30/2011. Buzzy and Imogene have six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Buzzy loved and cared about his daughter, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and there was nothing in the world he would not do for them. He always had a positive story to tell about their life. Buzzy was not judgmental of people in the community.

Buzzy had a good relationship with his nieces and nephews:  Ronald Buckanaga, Neil Buckanaga, Kevin Buckanaga, Sharon Buckanaga Walker, Scott Yahr, Stacey Cheesemen, Sherry Yahr, Susy Yahr Strempke, and other relative children. Buzzy had many friends in the Indigenous community.

Buzzy enjoyed practicing his culture: He went ricing, helped finish the wild rice, picked plums and other berries, went fishing, listening to drumming and singing at Pow Wows, watching the dancers and grand entry, going to the Indian casinos, meeting and visiting with friends.

Buzzy was preceded to the Spirit World by the following people: His father Cyril C. Howard, Sr., Mother; Sadie Margaret Howard;  Brothers; Cyril C. Howard, Jr., John Theodore Howard; Sisters; Donna Howard Jerome, Theresa Howard Yahr, Anita Joan Howard; Nephew; Kevin Buckanaga, Steven Howard, Ryan Buckanaga, Conrad Buckanaga; Nieces: Debra Ann Buckanaga; Brother-in-laws;  Curtis L. Buckanaga, Joseph Jerome, Kenneth Yahr; Sister-in-law; Bonnie Howard.

In summary, Robert Francis Howard, “Buzzy” was a good father, grandfather, brother, and husband. Buzzy was loved dearly by his daughter, grandchildren, wife, and family members. He will be missed by his family, relatives, and friends. Buzzy was a kind, caring, courageous, respectful, spiritual, hardworking, and responsible man.

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  1. Michele Luzius

    Buzzy, I’m going to miss you my friend.


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